Why Give?

The stewardship of our finances is a tremendous—and often overlooked—area of our lives. Giving strengthens our connection to Christ and frees us to live the life God has in mind for us. It allows us to trust in Him and His provision instead of us trying to be self-sufficient. As people of faith, we are called to give faithfully and generously.

Checks & Cash

Donations can be made during our weekly services, or they can be mailed to our Finance Team:

RISING Church, PO Box 2943, Suwanee, GA 30024

Checks should be made payable to RISING Church. Please make sure that your name and address is correct on the check, or enclose the correct address information, as we use that data in our financial records and to send giving statements.

Online Giving

Watch our On-Line Giving Video

Our online giving options include a feature allowing payments by credit/debit card or ACH transactions using your checking account. They can be set up as one-time or recurring contributions.

Please keep in mind when using one of these methods RISING Church incurs a processing fee. When making your online payment you will have the option to add the fee to your contribution. By doing this you will assist us in reducing our operating expenses so we can allocate more funds to our primary ministries.

One of RISING Church’s core values is “We will live within our means.”  With this in mind it is our desire that the credit card option be used as a convenience only, not as a means to incur debt.


App Giving

RISING Church’s App now includes a giving feature.  If you do not already have it installed on your phone click here for installation instructions.

Text Giving

“Text to GIVE” is another option. From your cell phone text “Give” to (470) 400-8544.

ACH Debit

This is especially useful if you give the same amount of tithes each month, and you would like to have the money ‘automatically’ transferred to RISING Church’s account.  For more information, contact Marti Meuse.

Gifts of Stock

Stock donations are popular tax-savings tools – especially if you have appreciated stock.  For more details, or instructions about how to make a stock donation, please contact Marti Meuse.

Mission Trips, Events, and Registrations

Credit and Debit card payments are now accepted for mission trips and other paid activities. During the registration process, you will have the option to elect this payment method.  When selected, a convenience fee will be automatically added to your invoice. However, if you choose to make payments with traditional checks, cash, or electronically using your checking account, there is no added fee.  

Have questions about how payments work when signing up for a Mission Trip or Event? It’s easy! Check out this video.  Although it was recorded prior to our Credit / Debit card payments policy, it explains the overall process.

Event Payments Video