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Herriman Prayer Update | Late October 2014

Support Family, We are so thankful for what you make possible. The past month has been the most encouraging, fruitful month of our five years on staff with CO. Below are some of the highlights, as well as how you can be praying for November! PRAISES  A few weeks ago I asked you to pray…


VIDEO | Brad and Katie’s Nepal Recap

Brad and Katie Cox had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in Nepal this fall helping local believers build a church building. Here are some thoughts they shared in our weekend service.


VIDEO: Out of Darkness Recap

A few weekends ago a number of woman from Rising Church had the opportunity to serve along side Out of Darkness, a ministry in Atlanta coming alongside woman impacted by sex slavery. Here is Haley and Shannon’s stories of their experience.


Altær’s Trip To Safehouse Outreach, Atlanta

This last Saturday our high school students had a powerful, fun, and eventful morning serving our brothers and sisters in the city! Altaer took a trip to Safehouse Outreach in Atlanta this past Saturday. A crew of six students and two adults brought supplies to make a hearty pancake breakfast for folks who are homeless in the…


A Not-So-Spooky Sunday with RISING Kids

Last weekend, RISING Kids hosted Not-So-Spooky Sunday, and it was a huge hit for all ages! With everyone dressed in their best Halloween costume, we started off the morning with a Monster Mash Freeze Dance game that had the kids up and moving. The winners of our freeze dance game got to kick off our…

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Giving Grace Back: SuperStart 2014

Last weekend, our 4th and 5th graders attended a preteen conference designed specifically for them! SuperStart consisted of 3 sessions, small group time, and fun playing at Dave and Buster’s. During each session, students experienced worship led by Yancy, a popular children’s worship leader, object lessons that gave kids real-life examples of grace, and times…