RISING Weekend

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RISING Weekend is an all-church weekend camp to get away from the daily grind that “ain’t your Grandma’s summer camp!” Come energize your spiritual life while staying in deluxe accommodations and enjoy a fun weekend of delicious food, amazing programming and free-time activities, great teaching, and worship. RISING Weekend is for our entire church-family and is a great way to form new friendships and strengthen others. Carolina Point, Young Life’s newest camp near Brevard, North Carolina, is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with picturesque views and only a 2-hour drive from Gwinnett County.

Registration will officially open on Mother’s Day. This year we have Chuck Scott, who just so happens to be the founder of Carolina Point, as our camp speaker! Start thinking now about who you can invite to join us for this amazing weekend. Registration is easy. Just click the registration button below.


  • Adults (12 years and up): $130
  • Children (3-11 years): $75
  • Children 0-2: Free

T-Shirt Pre-Sales will begin on Sunday, June 17 and orders will be taken through Sunday, August 5th. This year we will be offering several options for purchase in the lobby of the theater.

Deposit Requirement: $100 per family or $50 per person, non-refundable deposit is required to hold campers spot and room request. Early-bird pricing is good through Father’s Day (Sunday, June 17) and if deposits are paid in full. If deposits are not paid in full before June 17 early bird pricing will not be honored.



What do we need to know before we arrive at camp:

  2. Packing List
  3. Printable Directions
  4. Young Life Waiver

A Message from RISING Kids:

Below are some important highlights to help you get ready for the weekend. Please read through this carefully to be informed of a few important details about Kids Club.


  • Medical Release Form Go ahead and do this for all of your little people in RISING kids. It will be good until next August.
  • Young Life Waiver Lori sent out information about this previously so you might have already taken care of it. Every camper needs one.

Our Study
In Kids Club this year we will be learning about the Lord’s Prayer.  We will learn how Jesus teaches us to pray by breaking it down line by line over the weekend. We have some fun crafts, a worship song and other activities that will help them to learn the words to this prayer. It’s going to be so much fun!

We will be serving snack in some Kids Club sessions over the weekend, but not all. We do not want them to ruin any meals by filling up on snacks, but we also do not want any “hangry” campers!

Saturday Evening Club
Please send your child with their swimsuit under their clothes to the Saturday evening Kids Club session. Our evening activities (after club) will be by the pool and we would love to make it easier for you by having your children prepared before the session.

Drop-off & Pick Up
Preschool through elementary students will begin each club in the main Club room with adults and students. After an opening song and game, children will be released to Kids Club. An announcement will be made from stage when it is time for the children to leave. You are responsible for your children until this announcement is made, and we ask that you do not release your child early. After Club, you will pick up your children in the Leader Lounge on the second floor of the Main Street building. Enter the door on Main Street that has “Leader Lounge” over the door, go directly up the stairs, and Kids Club is the room on your left at the top of the stairs. (Just follow the posted signs.) On Saturday evening, we will bring the children to the evening activities and you can meet them there.

5th Graders
Our 5th graders have the opportunity to attend Club with students and adults or serve in Kids Club as student leaders. I will meet with them during Kids Club on Friday evening to talk about what being a student leader means and what their expectations are as student leaders. This is a great opportunity for 5th graders to begin developing their leadership skills, and it is a topic that we will discuss throughout the year as they serve on special Sunday mornings in RISING Kids. Please discuss these 2 options (attending Club or serving in Kids Club) with your 5th grader, talk with them about the responsibility of leading by example, and let me know what they would prefer. They can always change their mind, but our “training” will take place on Friday evening.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to Kelly Phillips. We are excited for a great weekend and can’t wait to see you at camp!

A Message from RISING Nursery:

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted both their med. forms and their individual schedules for RISING Weekend. If you have not yet, please fill out all the forms now!
Soon you’ll be receiving an email from Lori Cotter with much more detail about the weekend, but I wanted to touch base to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable and confident before you start packing. I’ll bullet-point these to hopefully make for easier reading:
  • Our nursery will be located up in Lookout Lodge. Find anyone on staff if you need help finding it.
  • Even though you turned in your schedules, I know things can change. Be sure to check in with our nursery crew before leaving each time so we can take the best of care of your little one.
  • We will be serving goldfish and Honey Nut Cheerios as snacks (with water). Please let me know if you do NOT want your child to have any.
  • You will get a schedule that will fit behind your name tag to keep you informed on when the nursery opens/closes.
  • If you plan to put your kids to bed on Friday instead of sending them to RW Kids Club, we will have the lesson plan printed for you to read through before bed. That way they can jump right in on Saturday morning! Let me know if you’re interested!
  • On Saturday we will take all of the nursery kids to the dining hall to meet you for lunch. We’ll save you a trip up the hill!
Below is a general packing list that will hopefully help you feel more prepared. We’d love for all the babes would come with a separate “Camp Bag” that can be left at the nursery all weekend (meaning we’ll have enough diapers for the whole weekend and they’ll have two different cups, one for the nursery, and one to use at meals or other times, etc.). If you have questions please contact Paige Atkins.


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