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If you have one or more children who are under the age of three (and/or not potty trained) then you are in the right place! Our goal for the nursery area at RISING Weekend is to allow you, as a family and as adults, plenty of time and space to enjoy the weekend, while providing a fun place for your littlest ones to play and rest. 
Before You Arrive
Please fill out our Nursery Schedule Form for each child. This will give us an idea of when your child will be with us and if they need to nap. (See below for a schedule for the weekend.) Please complete this before arriving at camp so we can be well prepared for the weekend! 
We’ll be in touch once you fill out the form to ask any questions for clarification and make sure we’re all on the same page. 
What To Bring
In addition to the basic things your children will need, we’d love for you bring a bag to stay in the nursery the whole weekend. This should include things like a change of clothes, plenty of diapers, a reusable cup, etc. Here’s a list for your reference! 
When You Get There
Our nursery will be in Lookout lodge which is at the top of camp! It’s a steep hill up and a steep hill down. If you have a golf cart, add it to your packing list, otherwise, a stroller and/or baby carrier will be a good idea. You can drop off your Camp Bag any time after you arrive. 
Each time you drop your children off you can leave us with instructions. If you’d like your child to go to sleep at any time while the nursery is open, we are happy to help with that and can keep an eye on your baby monitor. Otherwise, you can expect that we’ll be playing, learning and snacking! 
Nursery Schedule
Exact times may change slightly but here is the general schedule for when the nursery will be open for business:

Day Time During….
Friday Night 7:40 – 10:15 PM Club #1
Saturday Morning* 8:30 AM – 12:15 PM Small Group Activity & Club #4
Saturday Night 6:45 – 9:00 PM Club #3
Sunday Morning 9:15 – 11:15 AM Club #4

*We will plan to meet you at the dining hall for lunch on Saturday. We’ll save you a trip up the hill! 
Want to Help?
We are still looking for volunteers! If you would like to serve a shift over the weekend in our nursery, please let me know and we will send you the sign-up sheet. We’d love to have you!
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out directly to our Nursery Coordinator, Paige Atkins.
We can’t wait to see you there!

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