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All of our preschool through 5th graders will have their own version of “club” at RISING Weekend. We all start each session in the main Club room (Sawmill) with the adults and students. After an opening song and game together with everyone, the children will be released to Kids Club! Here a few things to note for the weekend:
As we mentioned, we’ll start our time in the main Club room (Sawmill). An announcement will be made from the stage when it is time for the children to leave. You are responsible for your children until this announcement is made.
Kid’s Club is located on the 3rd floor of Main Street. Pick-up will look slightly different after each session. We’ll try to make this clear during the weekend, but here’s a chart to give you a glimpse ahead of time:

Day Time We’ll Meet You…
Friday Night 10:00 PM At Kids Club (you come pick up)
Saturday Morning 12:15 PM At Kids Club (you come pick up)
Saturday Night 8:45 PM In the Club Room (we’ll come to you)
Sunday Morning 11:00 AM In the Club Room (we’ll come to you)

Our StudyIn Kids Club this year we will be learning about what the Bible says about friendship. We will learn what a Godly friendship looks like, how to be a good friend, and how to pick your friends. We will make some fun crafts, sing some new worship songs and do other activities that will help them to learn about the biblical meaning of friendship. It’s going to be so much fun!
We will have light snacks in some of the Kids Club sessions over the weekend. We do not want them to ruin any meals by filling up on snacks, but we also do not want any “hangry” campers! 
5th & 6th Graders 
Our 5th & 6th graders have the opportunity to attend Club with students and adults or serve in Kids Club as student leaders working with our preschoolers. If they choose to serve with us, we will meet with them during Kids Club on Friday evening to talk discuss what being a student leader means and what their expectations are. This is a great opportunity for 5th and 6th graders to begin developing their leadership skills.  Please discuss these 2 options (attending Club or serving in Kids Club) with your 5th/6th grader. Talk with them about the responsibility of leading by example, and let us know what they would prefer. They can always change their mind, but our “training” will take place on Friday evening. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Children’s Director, Kelly Phillips.
We are excited for a great weekend and can’t wait to see you at camp!

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