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Senior Year of High School is such an important year in life because it marks the end of one chapter and the start of a new one. Living in the balance of entering and exiting two separate chapters of life simultaneously can be tricky and overwhelming. Without guidance and direction, it can be almost too much to handle. That’s why we will be providing a space this year for Seniors in High School to come together to share in each other’s’ common experience while being poured into in the matters of finishing High School strong, leaving a lasting legacy of discipleship and servant-leadership, foundational spiritual formation in preparation for college life, and general/practical guidance on entering college life. We hope you or your student will take this step of growth and preparation as our RISING Seniors this year “prepare to launch”! Registration is now open. Deadline to register is Thursday, September 5th @ 11:59PM.

Starting date: Monday, September 9
Location: Home of Blaine and Bailey
Times: TBA
Cost: $10-$15 cost for book
Contact: Blaine Tiller

PTL Registration

Schedule and Expectations:

PTL will take place in 2 six week sessions spread out over the course of the fall and spring semesters. Meeting dates are as follows:

Session 1 – Week 1: Monday, September 9th
S1- W2: Monday, September 23rd
S1- W3: Monday, October 7th
S1- W4: Monday, October 21st
S1- W5: Monday, November 4th
S1- W6: Monday, November 25th
Session 2 – Week 1: Monday, February 10th
S2 – W2: Monday, February 24th
S2 – W3: Monday, March 9th
S2 – W4: Monday, March 16th
S2 – W5: Monday, April 6th
S2 – W6: Monday, April 20th

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