Births, deaths, weddings, illness … when life happens, we want to be there to walk alongside our church family as they experience challenging times and joyous occasions. Here at RISING Church, we have dedicated teams committed to assisting in practical ways through our LIFT, Prayer and Benevolence ministries. We would be honored to share in your life.


We believe that being connected in our small groups called Groves is the first place to ask for help.  We ask that you first bring your need to your Grove Leader for assistance.  We also know that sometimes a need is bigger than what a small group of people can assist with.  When that happens, the LIFT Ministry at RISING Church is here to help! The LIFT Team is a dedicated team of volunteers committed to helping those at RISING Church through:

  • Cards/notes offering encouragement, wellness, and congratulations
  • Providing meals during stressful times with new babies, illness, or loss
  • Hospital and home visits
  • Providing assistance with funeral refreshments and other practical arrangements

For more information or to volunteer: To be part of the team that cares for our faith family, please contact


The Rising Prayer Team is here to partner with you to call on God for those who are hurting and in need. Please share your requests with us so that we can join you in prayer.  If you need some additional support or just need to talk to someone who shares your situation, let us know so that we can help you get connected with others at RISING that understand your struggle and can offer you encouragement.

If you need prayer, send us your prayer requests to


We provide financial support to our church family when there is a need. Please click below to get additional information on our Benevolence Policy & Procedures and Application for Assistance.

RISING Church Application for Assistance 

After these steps are taken, financial support can be reviewed and given.  All questions should be addressed to the Benevolence Team at

At this time we offer three ways to turn in your application once you have it filled out: (1) scan the application and email to the Benevolence Team; (2) mail the application to: RISING Church, Attention Benevolence Team, 710 Power Avenue, Buford, GA 30518; (3) hand the application in at our Sunday morning worship service in a sealed envelope to the “Got Questions” Table.