Our Mission is to take everyone into a deeper, more vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ



We founded RISING Church as a non-denominational church that is intentionally mobile. We don’t believe the church should be seen as a building, a geographical location, or place you attend. The Church is the people, the body of Christ.  You don’t go to church!  You are the church!  We meet at a local high school and work out of our homes so that we can better leverage our resources for greater kingdom impact.

Being mobile has its unique challenges, but two of our core values are “we will invest in the next generation” and “we will be his witnesses”.  Our senior pastor was in full-time youth ministry for over 2 decades before becoming the senior pastor of RISING, and our associate pastor was in full-time children’s ministry for almost 20 years before becoming the associate pastor at RISING.  Investing in children and youth is just part of our DNA at RISING!   The truth is the less money we have to spend on a mortgage, debt relief, and building maintenance, the more money we have to invest in children, youth, and missions.  When it comes to being his witnesses, we have what we call “mission partners”, 14 organizations and missionaries who are doing God’s work both locally and globally whom we support through prayer, finances, and mutual service. Many of these missionaries are former church members who answered Jesus’ call to make disciples of all nations.

All in all, RISING is a church family that seeks to follow God’s lead and direction.  We want to do everything with excellence and try new things.  We believe God desires to do greater things in us and through us than we could ever ask or imagine. We want to take every person, no matter their age, into a deeper, more vibrant relationship with Christ, and choosing to stay mobile allows us greater flexibility and resources to accomplish that.



God, empower RISING Church! God, don’t let us hold back! God, don’t let us be afraid of what you are going to do! God, let us embrace it no matter what it is; we want to follow your lead wherever it takes us! God, we want to be a part of what you’re doing; we want your power to fall upon us! God, we want to see; we want to be witnesses to what you’re doing in us and through us! Would you pray for that? Would you commit to praying for that – daily, hourly, constantly?”

— Closing prayer by Senior Pastor Aaron Young at first morning worship of RISING Church on Sunday, September 9, 2012.


Aaron Young

Senior Pastor

Lori Cotter

Associate Pastor

Marti Meuse

Church Administrator

Phyllis Remke

Congregational Care

Kelly Phillips

RISING Kids Director

Josh Carlson

Worship Pastor

Blaine Tiller

Student Pastor




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