At RISING we share our stories to proclaim what God is doing in us and through us.  It is our hope that through our stories the truth about how God works in our lives would glorify Him and inspire others into a deeper more vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.




Featured Story:  Celebration Sunday | Cody Phillips


Third grader, Cody Phillips, shares with us what the Bible means to him and his future through his experience in RISING Kids Bible Blitz!


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Though Kevin felt called into ministry he came to realize that his steps were not in line with the path God’s had set before him.





Growing up in the Jewish faith Jon thought of God and impersonal and not for him. Through his marriage and children he came to know Jesus as his Savior.


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Josh Carlson shares his and his families story of God confirming and affirming their move to Atlanta and to RISING Church.




After a diagnosis of autism, Paige knew their son Davis’ and her family would face many challenges. Even in the face of the heartbreaking news, Paige continued to declare the love of God.


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After being hurt by hypocrisy and bullying in the Church, Rachel found healing & growth through the RISING Student community.



Dyan Nill


Through a rough childhood, tremendous heartbreak and personal mourning, Dyan realized that, in everything that was taken from her, God had so much more to give.


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CELEBRATION SUNDAY | Grady York: North Gwinnett High School


Grady was part of the initial planning team at the start of RISING Church. He was an administrator at NGHS and a member of RISING. Grady, along with many, was skeptical about meeting at a school but soon came to the realization that God resides everywhere.



CELEBRATION SUNDAY | Mariela: It’s All Grace


Mariela’s childlike wonder was stolen from her through a series of horrific events that lead to a life of self-destruction.  God offered His amazing grace and now Mariela sees the world differently and faithfully serves the Lord who put her back together.

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CELEBRATION SUNDAY | Marti Meuse: I knew one day I would share my story


Childhood abuse, family suicide and the need to find love led Marti into a time of darkness and hopelessness. But, through her children and the Church, her eyes were opened to the gospel of grace, forgiveness and unconditional acceptance through Christ.






Check out Glen, Lisa and Jaxon’s one-month mission adventure in just three minutes. God showed them so many amazing things and connected them with a number of great people. Here are a few of the stories and scenes from their trip.

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MINISTRY HIGHLIGHT | Laurie and Anna Vakili


Lauri and Anna Vakili met their foster child through the 111Project and are working with the foster care system during her transition. RISING Church partners with the 111Project and the Vakili’s story lives out through our church and church family.



LIFT | When Life Happens



The LIFT Team is a dedicated team of volunteers committed to helping those at RISING Church who need assistance. Hear from Phyllis Remke, Lara & Jim Darr and Lisa Hockett & Darby Pazant what LIFT Meant to them.

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MARRIAGE SERIES | Jerry and Lisa Hallmark



God revealed to Jerry and Lisa, who have been married for 30 plus years, that without Christ as the foundation of their marriage, their roles as husband and wife would remain far from what He intended.




GOD HAS A PURPOSE | Kelly Philips

Kelly Phillips


After years of struggling with issues at home and receiving little fulfillment, Kelly made a decision that would forever change her life.  It has never been more clear that God has a purpose for her life and has given her hope and a future.


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Mike Pickholtz


After years of searching for Jesus in the Old Testament and receiving little confirmation, Mike heard God clearly speak truth into his life in a pinnacle moment during a Sunday morning service.




MARRIAGE SERIES | David and Melanie Dutton



After David and Melanie got married, both their lives and their pasts merged. But then an opportunity arose that led the Dutton’s to leave behind their past history and trust God.


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