Offering support and tangible care to those in the church and community

Sometimes life gets hard and we need some help.  We need someone to care, show up, and help relieve some of our stress in practical ways.  We need you to know you are not alone. Here at RISING, we have dedicated teams committed to helping and supporting those in need through our Prayer, LIFT, and Benevolence ministries.   If you are in need, we are here for you.

When People Need Prayer

RISING_CARE_PRAYERWe believe in a powerful God who is able to do that which is beyond ourselves, and prayer connects us to this power both corporately and individually.  At RISING, it’s a foundational piece of all we do.  We encourage you to make prayer an integral part of your daily walk and offer a variety of support opportunities to help make that happen.

The RISING Prayer Team is a group of people just like you who are seeking to grow closer to God and who are willing to pray for others and for the church. God so desires that we spend time with him and that is what the team does, both individually and as a group.  We don’t claim to fully grasp all God intends through prayer, but we know it works and truly desire for others to experience God’s presence in their lives in a very real and tangible way.

We want to hear about your prayer needs and the needs of your family. We want and desire to pray on your behalf for:

  • Health and healing
  • Restoration and provision
  • Praises and wisdom
  • Discernment with important decisions

Contact Prayer Team

Want to develop your prayer life? We are a family seeking to support one another and prayer is a powerful way for us to do just that! We offer:

Come Pray with us. Our next Prayer Meeting will be on Tuesday, November 28 at 7:30pm. The meeting will be held in the home of Kimberly and Aaron Young (175 W. Shadburn Avenue, Buford, GA). Individual Prayer will also take place on Sunday mornings before and after services.  For additional information and directions please contact the Prayer Team.

Future Prayer Meeting dates: Unless noted it is our goal to hold church-wide prayer meetings on the last Tuesday of the month 7:30pm; Location to be announced. Our next church-wide prayer meeting will be held on Tuesday,  December 19 (4th Tuesday because of Christmas).

Sunday Morning Prayer. On Sunday mornings pairs of prayer team members are available inside the theater before and after service and would love to listen, support, & encourage you.  Prayer requests are always confidential with participants choosing what to share.  God knows the need and that is enough!

Individual Prayer. Prayer is also available Contact Prayer Team

Helpful Resources:

Blog: His Daily Dose

Website: International House of Prayer


When Life Happens

RISING Church offers small groups called Groves, and we encourage you to seek help from your Grove group first. Talk with your leader for assistance.  We also know that sometimes a need is bigger than what a small group of people can help with.  When that happens, the LIFT Ministry at RISING Church is here to help!

The LIFT Team is a dedicated team of volunteers committed to helping those at RISING Church who need assistance with:

  • Encouragement, wellness, and praise communications through cards/notes
  • Meals
  • Hospital and Home Visits
  • Funerals
  • New Babies

Who can we help: any individual connected with RISING Church, their spouse, children, sibling or parent who is going through a crisis, in poor health or going into the hospital, having surgery, or has experienced the loss of a family member.  If the individual requiring assistance for is not a spouse, child or parent the LIFT Team will contact you for additional information and each request will be handled on a case by case need.

Contact us: To make a request or for more information please send an email to our LIFT Team.

Beyond LIFT: Any financial needs or needs beyond what is outlined above please contact the Benevolence Team to fill out an application for assistance.

Helpful Resources: Recommendations for agencies, care groups and counselors 

Have a college Student? Please let us know and we will send them words of encouragement throughout the school year and let them know we are here for them when they come home.  Just fill out the following contact form for us.

College Contact Information Form

GROVE Leaders: We want to hear how you are meeting the needs in your small group.  Please keep in contact with us by emailing how your Grove Group is assisting with a need in your small group at LIFT Team.  Thanks!


When People Need Help

RISING_CARE_BENENeed Assistance? We provide financial support to our church family when there is a need. Please click below to get additional information on our Benevolence Policy & Procedures and Application for Assistance.

RISING Church Benevolence Policy & Procedures

RISING Church Application for Assistance

The most common requests of the Benevolence Team include but are not limited to:

  • Hospital services
  • Transportation issues
  • Funeral expenses
  • Mortgage, rent and utility needs
  • Counseling assistance

After reviewing the Policy & Procedures and completing the Application for Assistance, the Benevolence Team will review the application and offer financial support if approved.  Submitting an application does not necessarily mean automatic approval and financial support.

Contact us: All questions should be addressed to the Benevolence Team.  All prayer requests will be kept confidential unless otherwise indicated.

Helpful Resources:

Budget Tool: Budget Worksheet