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The Water Is Turned on at Matilde

On June 16, after 15 months of hard work, Amigos for Christ inaugurated the water system in the remote community of Matilde, Nicaragua.  This means that 46 families, 276 people, no longer have to walk long distances carrying water to cook with, to clean with, and to drink.  That water may or may not be healthy on a particular day.  One of the things we learned on our trip in May is that everything moves by five gallon bucket in Nicaragua.  Think about having to carry 5 gallons, 40 pounds, of water over a half mile each day, to provide for your family.  Would one five gallon bucket be enough?  Now, think about your mother having to do that same task.  That was life in Matilde until Friday.  Life has now changed because Amigos for Christ has come alongside the families in this community to change it.  Clean water is now available inside the house, with the turn of a valve.  This is the first step in a seven year commitment to work together to improve the lives of these 276 people, and all those to come in the future.  This is God’s love in action.  This is why we go.  This is why we hope you’ll choose to go too.
Click here to view the video of this exciting event.


Author: Kiersten Greeff

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