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1 Million Meal February Update: 


Thank you for helping us get the word out about registration.  We filled all 2700 weekend spots in less than two days- amazing!  We do have quite a bit of space left in our 9-11 am shift on Friday, March 10th.  This is a Gwinnett County school holiday, so please share this registration link with friends and groups who would be able to participate that morning.

We have reserved a packing shift for Rising on Sunday morning from 9-11am.  If you would like to participate during this time please use this link to register, or come by the mission table before or after the service on February 12th and 19th.  We will have tablets available to register.

The pack will take place at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds, 2405 Sugarloaf Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA 30045.

We still have space for corporate teams.  Please contact Mike Winn for more information.

We will also be supporting those in our local community by collecting non-perishable items for the Norcross Co-op again this year.  The items most in need are cereal, peanut butter, jelly (plastic jars) and macaroni and cheese. (Norcross co-op).  Please consider collecting these items from friends, neighbors and co-workers to benefit FH2H and bring them with you to the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds.

Planning is already underway for FH2H 2018.  If you have any business or school contacts you would like to share this opportunity with, please invite them to come for a tour any time during the weekend to see what From Hunger to Hope is all about.  Contact Kiersten Greeff with any questions, or to set up a time.



What would happen if churches, community groups, sports teams, schools, corporations & local businesses all partnered together to feed starving children by raising the funds necessary to provide those hungry children food? 


What is From Hunger To Hope?


For the last 4 years, RISING Church has been sponsoring and organizing “From Hunger to Hope”, and this year we nearly doubled our efforts, raising the funds necessary to pack 400,000 meals.  Next year, we’re raising our sights even higher.  This is going to sound a little crazy, maybe even impossible or out of reach, but next year at “From Hunger to Hope 2017”, we want to pack a million meals!

In order to pack a million meals, it’s going to take $220,000!  That’s a lot of money, and we’ve got a little under 365 days to raise it. Would you consider partnering with us in reaching that goal? Would you also consider being one of the 5,000 volunteers needed to pack the meals? Would you help us transition “From Hunger to Hope” into a Gwinnett County, metro Atlanta, community-wide event?


And what if we were all to join together as a greater community to pack those meals March 9-12, 2017?  Talk to your church leaders & pastors, coaches, teachers, principals, business owners, bosses.  For more information on how you can get involved contact us via email at  Partner with us in making a difference.

If we can find 2750 people willing to FEED ONE, together we will have fed thousands and have raised enough to pack a million meals! Even if you can’t get your workplace, school, church or community group to partner with “From Hunger to Hope”, you can choose to partner with us individually by participating in Feed ONE!  It only takes $80 to FEED ONE child for an entire year.

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There are a lot of complex problems in this world today with equally complex solutions.  The solution to the problem of starving children is not one of those.  This is one that we can solve, and we can solve it together.  When From Hunger to Hope began 18,000 children died each day from hunger related illnesses, today that number is 6200.

Would you partner with us in being part of the solution to end childhood hunger?  Would you join us in raising the $220,000, and be one of the 5,000 volunteers it will take to pack 1 million meals next year at “From Hunger to Hope” 2017?

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